Austin360Cooks: @shoalcreekcook’s tooth-friendly alternative to candy apples

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Earlier this month, Katherine Dube, the Austin blogger behind, posted the only photo of coated apples that I’ve actually wanted to eat this year.

The apples in her shot are only half coated in chocolate instead of caramel or candy, which makes them far easier and less messy to eat. Apples are so sweet anyway, and Dube’s technique allows the fruit to shine, instead of that glossy red that looks better on a car than a Granny Smith apple.

I have so much fun scrolling through the #Austin360Cooks photos every week, and it seems like you guys are posting even more beautiful and inspiring images of what you’re cooking at home.

To share your photos in this project, use the #Austin360Cooks hashtag on social media and we’ll do the rest. Here are the latest submissions:

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