Relishing food is about taking time to enjoy what has become the often hurried and mundane task of nourishing our bodies. Relish Austin is Addie's search for things that make her go "mmmm."

Our 6 favorite food videos of 2014

2:25 pm Dec. 30, 2014

Looking back on 2014, it’s worth noting that our Austin360 video team produced some really awesome food videos, not just for how to make things like quiche or Watch video, but personal stories about a woman’s immense cookie cutter collection or the famed Luling watermelon-eating contest.

Here are six of our favorite videos from 2014:

Austin360 Taste Test: Kale chips from Rhythm Superfoods

12:47 pm Dec. 24, 2014

For this week’s taste test video, I found someone who hadn’t tried a kale chip yet — Statesman director of photography Nell Carroll — to try three varieties of kale chips from the Austin-based Rhythm Superfoods. We tasted the original, honey mustard and zesty nacho flavors, which are available at many area stores including H-E-B, Whole Foods, Sprouts and Natural Grocers. (In the video, I say that the latter are

With ham, it’s all about that glaze

10:32 am Dec. 22, 2014

A spiral-cut ham will grace many Christmas tables this week, and not a few of them will end up closer to ham jerky than the succulent slices of our holiday dreams.

That won’t be the case