Festival Beach Food Forest launches fundraising campaign

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I don’t usually cover crowdfunding campaigns on the blog — there are just so many of them that it would be hard to keep up — but I make exceptions for initiatives like the Festival Beach Food Forest.

Food forests like this one in Seattle have been a hot topic in the urban agriculture and local food movements for several years now, and a local group of volunteers has paved the way for one in downtown Austin.

Yes, you read that right. Downtown Austin might have a forest of fruit- and nut-bearing trees in the future if the East Feast Coalition can raise enough money through its newly launched Indie GoGo campaign.

As you can see from the video, the coalition has been working closely with the city to clear the way with permits and codes so that this kind of public greenspace could exist legally in a large open space just south of the Festival Beach Community Garden.

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The group points out that Austin, particularly East Austin, has plenty of rich soil and established edible-producing foliage, but a concentrated food forest of them would increase public access to these kinds of trees, as well as provide education opportunities for people to learn how to care for these kinds of plants at home.

If you’re interested in supporting this project, you have until March 12 to donate to the campaign at indiegogo.com/projects/festival-beach-food-forest-phase-1.

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