Austin360Eats: Friday night feasts at Searsucker and Full English Cafe

Friday nights are such a great night for eating out.

After a long week, it’s nice to head out to a beloved spot in your neighborhood or a buzzy place on the other side of town and let someone else cook you dinner for a change.

Peter Tsai, a photographer and frequent #Austin360Eats contributor who is @supertsai on Instagram, introduced me to a Friday night tradition at Full English Cafe. From 6 to 9 p.m. every Friday, the eatery at 2000 Southern Oaks Drive stops the full menu service so that they can serve what Tsai called the best fish and chips he’s had in Austin. (If you’re not in the mood for fish, they also serve house-made bangers and chips, or French fries, as we call them.)

If you’re in the mood for a louder, higher-end affair, Searsucker might be on your radar. The restaurant at 415 Colorado St. serves surf, turf and lots of things in between, and on a recent visit, @rinalina05 had the filet topped with lobster butter, mushroom, leeks and buttered potatoes.

Neither of these meals will win you any favors with your personal trainer on Saturday morning, but they will make the evening before a little more memorable.

Share what you’re enjoying at Central Texas restaurants, food trucks, cafes and markets by adding the #Austin360Eats hashtag to your photos on social media. Each week, we run our favorites in print and pull all of them into a Storify gallery.

Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and

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