Relishing food is about taking time to enjoy what has become the often hurried and mundane task of nourishing our bodies. Relish Austin is Addie's search for things that make her go "mmmm."

Austin360Eats: Getting off the beaten (tourist) trail

10:05 am May. 15, 2015

It’s always fun to see Austin food through a visitor’s eyes.

Last week, Jen Lover, who writes a restaurant recipe column for the Charlotte Observer, was eating her way through Austin, where she hit up Chi’lantro, Banger’s, Odd Duck, Micklethwait Craft Meats and Gourdough’s for some of our city’s most eye-catching dishes.

Austin360Cooks: Are low-carb shirataki noodles worth the diet hype?

8:25 am May. 13, 2015

I’m always suspicious of low-calorie foods.

I first saw shirataki noodles at Central Market a few years ago and scoffed at the low-carb/calorie branding for these ready-to-eat noodles. One look at the label, and you’ll learn that these fat- and gluten-free noodles are made primarily with a flour from a Japanese yam that is super low in carbs and calories but high in dietary fiber.

Whole Foods to open lower-priced chain next year

5:41 pm May. 6, 2015

Talk about burying the lead.

In Whole Foods’ quarterly report today, the Austin-based grocer quietly announced that it would be launching a “new, uniquely-branded store concept” that will focus on lower prices and target millennials. (You’ll