WATCH: Taste-testing queso-flavored chips, blackberry serrano yogurt

Editor’s note: On my weekly taste test today, I had a guest: Savannah Olson, a freshman at Texas State University who is studying electronic media. She’s from Elgin and lent her tasting and writing expertise to write this post as part of her day with me.

In our taste test today, Addie and I discover a new frontier for spicy food: yogurt.

Blackberry serrano is a new flavor of Noosa yogurt, and it’s surprisingly delicious. Contributed by Noosa.

Whenever someone grabs for a yogurt, they tend to buy one that’s sweet and maybe a bit bitter. But with Noosa’s new blackberry serrano yogurt, spice lovers can now enjoy a kick in their creamy morning or afternoon treat. We were both pretty skeptical, but we had a shocking revelation: yogurt and peppers do go together after all.

Along with the blackberry serrano yogurt, we tried some odd Lay’s chips (queso or beer brat chips, anyone?), a single Peep-filled Oreo, a throwback to cornbread in chip form and the La Croix copycats that are trying to cash in on the sparkling water trend.

Trying out these products with Addie has been so fun and interesting! I probably would have passed by the blackberry serrano yogurt if I saw it in the store, but now I’m definitely going to have to pick it up for my mini-fridge in the dorm. If you see a new product you think Addie should try (or if you think she should have me back on the show) let her know in the comments, on social media (@broylesa) or via email: I’m @notsavvie on Twitter and Instagram, and you can check out some of my music writing at



Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and

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