Dairy Queen’s coolest new feature is not available in Austin

When I was a kid, Dairy Queen ice cream cakes were pretty much the best birthday party surprise ever.

We didn’t have a Dairy Queen in our town, though, so we had to go over to Marionville to get raspberry sundaes and those frozen lemonade cups that they don’t sell anymore. If a party was coming up, we might pick out an ice cream cake. Our DQ didn’t have any cake decorators on site, so you couldn’t get it personalized, but it was a crowd-pleasing dessert for kid parties, grandma parties, baby showers and Father’s Day.

Contributed by @jefaspics via Creative Commons on Flickr.

This week, I saw a Dairy Queen commercial advertising that you can now order (and personalize) those cakes online. The ad made it sound like this was something of a new feature, but I can’t find any evidence online of when they launched this service.


You can order cakes online in some small towns southeast of Austin, but not in Austin or its suburbs. Contributed by DQ

I’ve never had a *personalized* DQ cake in all my life and I may or may not have a birthday coming up, so I started digging around on the site, and it looks like Dairy Queens in Austin aren’t yet participating in this nifty new feature.

More than 30 DQs in the Dallas area and dozens elsewhere in Texas allow you to customize cakes online for pick-up in your neighborhood store.

Temple, Schulenburg and Giddings are among the Central Texas locations where you can buy a cake with “Happy Birthday, Addie” scrawled on top, in case you were wondering.


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Dairy Queen sells customizable ice cream cakes. Contributed by DQ

Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360.com.

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