It’s not even July, but the Texas peach season is ending soon

It’s not July yet, but we’re getting down to the last of the Texas peaches.

Last week, I was in Fredericksburg to tour the Peach Haus, headquarters for Fischer & Wieser, the company that makes jams, jellies and sauces and started as a peach stand years ago.


These peaches from Fischer & Wieser’s Peach Haus were among the last of this year’s crop. The season is winding down early this year due to a mild winter, which prevented many fruit from setting. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

Peach Haus had some local peaches for sale, but the owners, like many growers in the area, said the season is quickly winding down.

The peach season is practically over for Marburger Orchard, which posted last week that it didn’t have enough peaches to sell at the Saturday farmstand. “Whatever few we may have will be sporadic and unpredictable, and we may reserve them for once a week sale at the Thursday Fredericksburg Farmers Market,” the website says.

The Hill Country Fruit Council posted an update a few days ago that confirmed what I saw last week: “Freestone peaches are now available at many Hill Country Fruit Council member/grower stands and markets, although in much lesser supply than many years due to a mild winter.”

The organization pointed out that there are plenty of other local fruits available, including watermelons and pick-your-own blackberrie, as well as value-added products that you can buy to support the growers.

The council also warned: “Because the Hill Country (and Texas crop in general) is small this year, you are unlikely to find true Hill Country peaches outside of the area so be careful what you are buying.”

I would add that be careful when you’re buying peaches in the Hill Country, too. Plenty of stands buy peaches from other states, especially in down years like this one, but not all of the out-of-state peaches are clearly marked as such.

Vogel Orchard said that they have some Red Globe freestone peaches available this week, but that this “is the last variety for the season with a decent volume. While we cannot guarantee peaches to be available at all times due to the high demand, this will be your best opportunity for the rest of the season….Unfortunately, the mid and late season varieties were especially¬†affected by the mild winter and we will have limited quantities for the remainder of the season.”

The Northwest Austin Kiwanis host two peach fundraisers every summer, one in July and another in September, but this year might have to skip its September sale because of a poor peach crop. Contributed by the Northwest Austin Kiwanis.

Remember that peach fundraiser I told you about? The Northwest Kiwanis announced this week that they would be delaying their peach fundraiser pick-up until July 15, and that if necessary, their East Texas growers might be partnering with the Colorado growers to fill out the boxes. There might not be a September sale, so get in your orders now if you want them.

Author: Addie Broyles

Food writer for the Austin American-Statesman and

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