Austin360 Taste Test: Chia seed drink from Mamma Chia

Mamma Chia drinkMany of us still think of Chia Pets when we hear about those little seeds made famous by the quirky terra cotta planter sculptures, but the omega 3-packed chia seeds are now one of the latest superfoods that food companies are putting in granola, bread, crackers and even drinks.

For this week’s Austin360 Taste Test, I tapped sports writer Cedric Golden to help me try out two Mamma Chia drinks, a seed-filled, smoothie-like bottled drink that you can buy in everyday grocery stores, including H-E-B, where I found these.

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Austin360 Taste Test Extra: Savory Kind bars at ACL

I’ve been working the Austin City Limits Music Festival all day, mostly Instagramming for the @Austin360 account, but I took a break from posting photos to do this little impromptu taste test video with music writer Deborah Sengupta Stith.

(You’ll remember that we tackled two other unusual nutrition/granola bar flavors earlier this week.)

This time, we were tasting two new Kind bars that we picked up in the festival’s media tent, one roasted jalapeƱo and the other a Thai sweet chile.

Maybe I’ll find something else to test while I’m there tomorrow.

Austin360 Taste Test: Savory granola bars from Mediterra

Just in time for all that snacking you might be doing between sets at the Austin City Limits Music Festival this weekend, I pulled Statesman music writer Deborah Sengupta Stith in for our newest taste test video: savory granola bars from Mediterra.

That’s right. Savory granola bars. The two we tried were black olive and walnut and sun dried tomato and basil, both very different approaches to the traditional nutrition bar.

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