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Beating the dog days of summer with fresh #Austin360Eats

4:39 pm Jul. 27, 2015

The dog days of summer aren’t getting these Austinites down. We officially hit 100 degrees for the first time today, but all that heat isn’t slowing down the restaurant openings or how much y’all are eating out.

Each week, we run our favorite photos tagged with #Austin360Eats on Instagram in print, and here are the photos we’re running in Friday’s paper.

Austin360Eats: Meeting 5 new Austin food Instagrammers

3:17 pm Jul. 20, 2015

Every Friday for about a year and a half, we’ve been running reader Instagram photos in print.

In just the past month or so, we’ve increased that number from two a week to five, in part because there are just so many good photos coming in that we wanted to make room for more of them.

I’ve slacked off on blogging each week’s featured #Austin360Eats pics, but I’m going to try

Austin360Eats: Getting off the beaten (tourist) trail

10:05 am May. 15, 2015

It’s always fun to see Austin food through a visitor’s eyes.

Last week, Jen Lover, who writes a restaurant recipe column for the Charlotte Observer, was eating her way through Austin, where she hit up Chi’lantro, Banger’s, Odd Duck, Micklethwait Craft Meats and Gourdough’s for some of our city’s most eye-catching dishes.

Austin360Eats: How many foodies have you met through Instagram?

2:37 pm May. 4, 2015

We love finding new Instagram accounts to follow through #Austin360Eats, and this week, we discovered two new (to us) foodies to follow. (And to be honest, not a week goes by that we don’t find an awesome new foodie account to follow or find out about a new eatery. This week, it was the Latin/Asian fusion food truck called The BandWagon, opening this week at 900 E. Cesar