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WATCH: Foods that go too far on Statesman Shots

11:25 am Nov. 25, 2014

I always enjoy chatting with (the very witty) Tolly Moseley and Omar Gallaga on their podcast, Statesman Shots, and they invited me back this week to talk about all things Thanksgiving.

We cover the highs and the lows of the holiday, from our very favorite dishes to the family-related stress that often accompanies the dinner. In one of their Short Shot sections, we discussed the Austin360 Taste

Food invention show casting in Austin

9:48 am Nov. 13, 2014

Have a food invention you’re trying to get off the ground? The producers behind “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC are casting in Austin on Dec 3 and 4 for a new show about entrepreneurs who have created food-related inventions, from kitchen utensils and equipment to tools that might be used to harvest or grow food. (They also mentioned “a new kind of cake” on the website, but didn’t specify if