Relishing food is about taking time to enjoy what has become the often hurried and mundane task of nourishing our bodies. Relish Austin is Addie's search for things that make her go "mmmm."

The secret to really great tamales…

10:35 am Dec. 3, 2014

Love tamales?

If so, you’ll enjoy today’s For that Basic Fresh Masa

1 lbs. butter or margarine, softened
5 lbs. fresh masa (unprepared)
2 to 3 cups stock (chicken, pork, beef or vegetable)
2 Tbsp. salt (or less to taste)


Have you eaten something fermented today?

10:24 am Nov. 12, 2014

The answer is almost definitely yes.

If I learned anything from putting together today’s

Ahead of

Consciously or not, I’ve been on a fermentation kick for years, writing about the Curried Golden Beets

Shred the beets for