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In favor of GMO labeling? You need to read this

12:23 pm Mar. 18, 2015

GMO labeling seems like such an no-brainer.

Genetically modified or engineered ingredients are in more than 80 percent of products in grocery stores, and more than 90 percent of Americans say they have a right to

Houston representative files bill that would require GMO labeling

3:02 pm Mar. 13, 2015

Remember California’s Prop 37?

That was the 2012 ballot measure that would have required food companies to label which foods contain genetically modified organisms.

(CORRECTION: I originally posted the incorrect year that Prop 37 was on the ballot in California.)

The hotly contested proposal sparked a national dialogue about GMOs in our food, but despite millions spent lobbying on its behalf (and even more from its opponents), the proposition