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Twizoo searches tweets for restaurant advice

9:44 am Mar. 11, 2016

Even with so many review sites such as Yelp, many of us are more likely to post our opinions about a restaurant on social media instead of submitting an official review.

The London-based Twizoo, one of offers lunch delivery to offices in Austin

1:45 pm Sep. 23, 2015

When it’s time to order lunch for the office, your options can sometimes be pretty limited. A Vancouver-based food delivery startup called recently expanded to Austin, as well as Denver and Philadelphia, to bring

Austin-based Food + City launches second food-focused challenge to entrepreneurs

1:49 pm Sep. 2, 2015

Do you have an innovative idea that could change the way the world feeds itself? Food + City, formerly the Food Lab at the University of Texas, wants to know about it. The nonprofit is again offering a challenge prize to entrepreneurs, startup groups and students, asking them to uncover lasting ways that we can improve the logistics of feeding cities around the world.

This is the second year