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WATCH: How to seed loquats, make margaritas

6:56 pm Apr. 18, 2017

Very important loquat journalism update, readers.

Last week, I decided to pick a bunch of loquats on the way home from work — I drove by a loaded tree, asked permission from the homeowner and took

WATCH: Why lamb isn’t as gamey as it used to be, plus Costco’s epic edamame noodles

12:50 pm Jul. 20, 2016

Sorry to post two livestreams back-to-back, but I have a feeling that nobody really cares about that except for me. <insert smiley self-deprecating emoticon>

In today’s Deskside Dish, I talk about this week’s food section, including that frozen v. rocks margarita science story, an #Austin360Cooks tip about making watermelon ice cubes for margaritas and a new delivery service called Full Fridge.

I also dug into why I just cancelled my Costco membership

WATCH: Trying boozy ice pops from Qui, ghost pepper chips from Paqui

11:21 am Jul. 20, 2016

I was out of town earlier this month, and it was fun to get back to the Austin and revive my weekly Facebook livestream videos. We’ll do another one today at noon, but here’s last week’s, where we tried Paqui’s ghost pepper chips, Jif’s chocolate peanut butter whip, the world’s best peaches and a boozy ice pop from Qui.

What do you want me to try in an upcoming video?

WATCH: My mom (or is that my twin?) try Soylent, vegan jerky

1:32 pm Jun. 8, 2016

I had a fun guest on today’s livestream — my mom! As if you couldn’t tell by looking at that video, we are pretty much twins, and since she and my dad are in Austin this week visiting from Missouri, I thought I’d have her on the Deskside Dish to try some new products.

She also made me something I hadn’t had yet: this avocado tahini dip from food