Blue Bell launches new key lime mango tart ice cream that ‘tastes like summer’

Blue Bell is really cranking out the new flavors this year.

Today, the Brenham-based ice cream company announced the latest ice cream to hit store shelves: key lime mango tart.

Blue Bell’s latest flavor is key lime mango tart. Contributed by Blue Bell.

The “sweet and tangy key lime ice cream blended with graham cracker crust pieces” has a “luscious mango sauce swirl” and “tastes like summer,” according to the tweet this morning.

Like dozens of other Blue Bell flavors, this one is in half gallon and pint sizes, but it is considered a seasonal flavor, so it won’t be around for long.  You’ll remember that Blue Bell is still bouncing back from a months-long shutter caused by a listeria outbreak in 2015.

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A year after listeria scandal, Blue Bell still battling back

Blue Bell announces the return of two bestselling summer ice cream flavors

It’s hardly worth buying peaches and blackberries unless it’s summer, and this is also the only time of year you can get really good blackberry cobbler and peach ice cream.

These are two of Blue Bell’s most popular summer flavors, which are finally back in stores, company announced on Twitter on Friday and today.

Peaches and homemade vanilla ice cream from Blue Bell. Contributed by Blue Bell.

Starting today, the Brenham-based ice creamery’s peaches and homemade vanilla is on store shelves, joining the previously announced, pie crust-flaked blackberry ice cream.

Southern blackberry cobbler ice cream is a seasonal offering from the Brenham-based Blue Bell. Contributed by Blue Bell.

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As with the winter seasonal flavors, these summertime flavors will be sold until they sell out. That means, like the peaches and blackberries, they might not last the entire summer, but they are available at retail outlets around the state. You can also order the ice cream over the phone by calling 979-836-7977 to have it shipped anywhere in the U.S.

How to ship Blue Bell anywhere in the country, including new Reese’s-inspired cookie dough flavor

Blue Bell’s newest limited edition flavor combines the best of several worlds into one, but the best news might be that you can order it and have it shipped anywhere in the U.S.

At first glance, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough might seem to be targeting the cookie dough ice cream fans, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s the people who love peanut butter cookies and chocolate — aka people who also love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — who will be seeking out this flavor.

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The Brenham-based ice creamery often releases limited edition flavors, which sometimes sell out quickly. This flavor is available in 1/2 gallon and pint sizes, and it’s one of dozens of flavors you can order ($129 for four 1/2 gallons). to have shipped anywhere in the U.S. for  You can’t place the order online, but you can call 979-836-7977 to find out more.

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No Christmas cookie ice cream for you, Blue Bell fans

As if surviving a listeria outbreak wasn’t enough, Blue Bell is facing the wrath of its fans for a different reason this winter.

Christmas cookie is one of Blue Bell’s most popular holiday flavors, but they are already out of it in nearly every market. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman

The company’s big holiday flavor this year was supposed to be Christmas cookies — chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and sugar cookies combined in a sugar cookie ice cream with red sprinkles and a green icing swirl — but, as KUT pointed out today, fans are quickly discovering that there’s no Christmas cookie ice cream to be found, in part because it went on sale before Halloween.

In the nearly 8,000 comments on the Facebook post announcing the flavor, many customers requested other holiday flavors they miss or can’t find, but some got pretty worked up about the lack of the promised Christmas cookie flavor.

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In several responses to those comments, the company confirmed that there won’t be any more Christmas cookie ice cream this year, but they promise to make more next year.

“Well my 90 year old mother loves it and she probably will not be here next year…” responded one customer.








Blue Bell releases newest flavor just in time for Banana Split Day

Yup, it’s Banana Split Day today, and Blue Bell is releasing a new banana split sundae ice cream for the occasion.

Blue Bell released a banana split ice cream this week, just in time for Banana Split Day. Contributed by Blue Bell

You probably already know that you can make ice cream using bananas (and nothing else!), but this is regular ice cream that is flavored with bananas and then mixed with all those classic banana split toppings: crushed pineapples, maraschino cherries and chopped roasted almonds. You’ll also find swirls of strawberry and chocolate sundae sauces in this new flavor, which hit shelves yesterday.

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Banana splits have been around since 1904, when banana fever was sweeping the country. Addie Broyles / American-Statesman


A note about banana splits: David Strickler, a 23-year-old ice cream scooper at a pharmacy in Pennsylvania, is noted as the first person to serve three scoops of ice cream with a fresh banana in 1904, which is right around the time bananas become more widely available in the U.S.

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Year after ice cream recall, Blue Bell releases first new flavor

New wedding-themed Blue Bell flavor hitting stores this week

Ice cream, cake, granola can help you use unlovable bananas

New wedding-themed Blue Bell flavor hitting stores this week

Blue Bell knows that wedding season is upon us.

To celebrate, the Brenham-based ice cream maker has brought back its Groom’s Cake ice cream and launched a new flavor: Bride’s Cake.

Blue Bell’s newest flavor is Bride’s Cake, which is almond ice cream with white cake and amaretto cream cheese swirl. The Groom’s Cake flavor is back for the limited time. Contributed by Blue Bell.

The Groom’s Cake — chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces, chocolate-coated strawberry hearts, strawberry sauce and chocolate icing — dates back to 2009, several years before a recall that nearly closed the business entirely. The company has been bouncing back in the past year, releasing new flavors every few months, including this new Bride’s Cake, which is almond ice cream with white cake pieces and an amaretto cream cheese icing swirl

“We have heard from fans who serve Blue Bell Ice Cream at their weddings in place of the traditional cake. Now you can have both,” Jenny Van Dorf, Blue Bell public relations manager, said in a release. “Our Bride’s Cake, with its almond ice cream and amaretto cream cheese icing swirl, was inspired by popular wedding cake flavors.  And the tasty cake pieces are the perfect addition. ”

Blue Bell ice creams are sold in hundreds of stores across Texas, but not all stores carry all flavors. These wedding-themed flavors will be available for a limited time.






A year after ice cream recall, Blue Bell releases first new flavor

Just shy of one year from when Blue Bell reintroduced its products back into grocery stores after a months-long recall and break to clean its facilities after a listeria outbreak, the Brenham-based creamery has launched a new flavor.

Blue Bell has released its first new flavor since a massive recall last year. It's a combination of two top sellers: cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. Photo from Blue Bell.
Blue Bell has released its first new flavor since a massive recall last year. It’s a combination of two top sellers: cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. Photo from Blue Bell.

Cookie Two Step is in stores starting today, and it’s the first new product that the company has released since the massive recall last year that threatened to shutter the company.

Pre-recall, Blue Bell released at least one new flavor every year. Its iconic brand also took up far more shelf space (and advertising space) than it does now, but the company seems to be recovering from the massive recall and news of at least three deaths linked to contaminated ice cream.

According to a news release, the new flavor is a combination of cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough ice creams and is being delivered to grocery stores throughout Texas today.

Blue Bell also said it will have more new flavors coming out later this year.


Blue Bell to release new flavor tomorrow: Give us your guesses

Some of our old favorites have yet to return since the 2015 Blue Bell recall, but now we have something fresh to look forward to. Tomorrow, Texas’ beloved Blue Bell will announce its newest ice cream flavor and release it to select stores. We know that because we’ve been teased with it all week on Blue Bell’s Facebook page.

What tantalizing flavor awaits us in that beautiful blue container? Clues lead us to believe its name is taken from a Texan style of dance, but what will it taste like? We can’t wait another 24 hours to find out, so we’re seeking help from some sundae sleuths. Give us your best guess in the comments!

Send us the photos from your reunion with Blue Bell

Blue Bell is back in Austin.

FILE - In this April 10, 2015 file photo, Blue Bell ice cream rests on a grocery store shelf in Lawrence, Kansas. In the wake of a deadly listeria outbreak in ice cream, the Justice Department is warning food companies that they could face criminal and civil penalties if they poison their customers. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File)
(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File)

After a four-month absence previously unheard of for the 108-year-old Brenham-based ice cream company, at least four of its most popular flavors are back on shelves.

As the official Tweeter Laureate of Texas — aka Justice Don Willett — put it, it’s a day for Texans to remember:

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